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We are a China GPS tracker manufacturer focused on providing professional GPS tracking & wireless safety equipments to industries and businesses. We are based in Shenzhen, with branch offices in HK, India & Canada. We are providing comprehensive OEM/ODM services for GPS tracker and our in-house R&D team offers both hardware and software services.

Our company has set up research departments including app, web, back-end and hardware department. All products developed in our GPS tracker factory are built independently and we have obtained a number of national patents. Our production and manufacturing teams provide a good foundation for high-quality products that made us the largest GPS suppliers in China.

The convergence of GPS and wireless technologies combined with reliable hardware platforms that can be operated in harsh and extreme environment has made ThinkRace Technology a leading China GPS tracking devices wholesaler.

Our Company being the leading GPS wholesale distributors produces high quality and ready to use product that start offering the service as soon as activated and connected.


GPS Tracker, iOT, & health monitoring equipment’s with customized hardware & software services.

Value Added Service

Complete solution product, service & support to promote & help business partners.


Leading manufacturer & supplier of GPS Technology based Safety & Fitness products.

PCBA & Prototype

PCBA manufacturing & Prototype. PCB assembly service for company of all sizes along with customization.


Complete brand management by OEM/ODM services to our clients in our factory.

Mobile App & Web Application

ThinkRace own GPS Tracking Web Platform & Mobile App for iOS & Android for products.

Cloud Service

Amazon AWS world-class cloud service. Servers, databases, networking, software & more…

Help & Support

Online 24X7 support & help from expert with quick turnaround solution.

Family Safety

Personal Trackers enable you to track your loved ones from anywhere, anytime. Personal tracking devices such as Kids Tracker utilize the connectivity of mobile and GPS Technology to bring your little ones closer to you. These trackers are equipped with advanced safety and security features such as SOS Button, Geo-Fence, two-way communication etc.
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Asset Tracking

Vehicle GPS Trackers protect your vehicle from burglary and robbery practices. These trackers provide real-time location of your car which is accessible via smartphone, PC or Laptop and are equipped with all the essential safety & security features. The Multi-Alarm feature alerts you if anyone is trying to unlock the doors or trying to get into your car.
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Fitness Tracking

Fitness Trackers measure and analyse various health-related metrics such as calorie intake, heart-rate, step count, blood pressure, sleep quality, etc. Fitness-related data is easily made accessible to users via a mobile fitness tracking application or a web-based fitness tracking platform. These wearables also remind about incoming calls and messages.
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iOT Open API Platform

An Open API is a publicly available application programming interface that provides programmatic access to a registered software application. APIs are bundles of sets of requirements that govern how one part of an application communicates or interact with another part. APIs are tightly linked with iOT because this allows manufacturers…
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Latest News

India’s own desi GPS is ready to strike the Market in early 2018

India’s own GPS NavIC made by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) will go live next year that will help you to find your bearings. From 2018 onwards if you ever lose your way in any part of India or anywhere in the Arabian sea then NavIC will assist you.

ISRO spent Rs. 1,420 crores on building and setting up seven IRNSS aka NavIC satellites in the orbit.
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Government gives the green signal for installing GPS-enabled Digital Meters in Taxis

The State Government of Goa has decided to give the clearance to digital meters and global positioning system (GPS) in taxis in the capital. The decision is the first step towards implementing a fully automated Vehicle GPS Tracking System for state-run taxis and buses. The decision came after the matter was raised as a petition
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Railway Trolleys to be fitted with GPS Tracking Devices

The governing body of Indian Railways has decided to equip all hand-pushed and hand-operated Railways trolleys with GPS Trackers. The Railway Ministry has instructed all the zonal railway department heads via a letter dated September 6. The letter clearly states that installation of an active GPS Tracking System should be completed by the end of September 2017.
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