4G OBD GPS Tracker VT480

Model No: VT480

OBD VT480 is a professional OBD tracking device which is compatible with almost 90% of cars. With the help of this OBD tracker technology user can easily track their car location in real-time. This GPS fleet management system offer wide range of helpful features like driving behavior, fuel consumption, mileage analysis, geo-fencing, SOS emergency button etc. This OBD II GPS tracker is integrated 4G network and WIFI function for better network connectivity.

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  • Real-Time Car Tracking

    Know your car location in real time. See the accurate driving path via your mobile device.

  • History route

    This vehicle GPS tracking system let you review all past trip details for further use.

  • Geo-fence

    Create a safe zone for your car and get notified on mobile when your car reaches or leaves that area.

  • Pre-diagnostic of a car

    Keep the track of your vehicle’s maintenance needs like battery, coolant and engine diagnostics trouble codes.

  • Multi Alarm

    Not just tracking, OBD tracker is more than that. Set up alarm to get notified when your car is started or towed.

  • Supports 4G and WIFI hotspot

    Inbuilt 4G speed and WiFi hotspot in the car. Get connected to fastest network automatically as the car starts.

Basic parameters

GSM Specifications
GSM Frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz
FDD-LTE B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20; TDD:B40
GSM positioning accuracy 10-1000M
General Specifications
GPS chipset MT6625L
AGPS Classs12
GPS positioning accuracy 5-15m
Tracking sensitivity -148dBm
Acquisition sensitivity -165dBm
GPS channel 22
Wifi chipset MT6625L
Storage ROM 4GB+RAM 512MB(Optional)
Stand-by current <5mA
Working current 55mA
Working Temperature -20℃~70℃
Working humidity 5%~9%
G-sensor BMA250E/BMAI160/BMA233


  • MQTT &TLS protocols MHz

    This OBD device uses MQTT &TLS protocols to serve the user a better data transmission security and safety.

  • 3-axis accelerometer

    OBD VT480 uses the inbuilt 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection and driving behavior analysis.

  • Wide operating voltage range

    Utilizes wide voltage range power input solution for real-time tracking and monitoring vehicle health.

  • Quad-band processor

    Get wider roaming capabilities with quad-band frequencies that range accordingly to GSM/GPRS networks.

  • Superior MTK chipset

    Get real-time location of the car with PC circuit board and superior kind of internal sensitivity MTK chipset.

  • Access from iOS, Android and Web

    Access your car’s data via our Mobile App for Andriod/iOS or Fleet Management Web App (for fleet owners).

  • Easy to install

    This simple plug & play device is easy to use and does not require a technician to install it.

Product Road Map

OBD2 GPS Car Tracker VT480

OBD GPS Tracker VT480

OBD VT480 is a professional OBD tracking device
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OBD 2 fleet management let you know the exact location of your vehicle. Review the detailed trip statistics for each trips including distance, mileage and average speed. Find out excess idling which is a major contributor to high fuel consumption. See consolidated charts and insights of driving behavior to help drive safer and save fuel.

Protect your car by using Anti-Theft alarm and get notified when your car is driven without your consent. With these inbuilt features you can extend your vehicle’s life and can easily manage your vehicle data efficiently. Built-in On-board Diagnostics function help you to get on-board data such as distance covered, miles taken , Fuel level and Fuel consumption etc from vehicle in real-time. Being the largest OBD tracker manufacturer, we provide complete OBD tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services to our clients/partners.

ThinkRace Technology is the china based tracking solution company. We are the largest OBD tracker wholesaler and have served in fleet management system, UBI insurance monitoring and analytics system. We provide complete hardware and software support to our clients/partners. We have Amazon as a cloud platform partner for our tracking products. We are taking fleet management to new level, you just have to attach this tracking device to the OBD port of the car under the dashboard and it is ready to use.

GPS Tracking Software Platform


We have own GPS tracking platform amber360. We also customize your own brand tracking software.

GPS Tracking App


Android & iOS GPS tracking app. build your own GPS tracking app with brand & name.