5 ways technology is helping hospitals and nursing home with dementia patients.

Elderly and technology are two words but when linked together can be really helpful to you. As technology has advanced and the range of options has grown from – basic wearable device to an emergency call button.  Now system includes tracking, geo-fencing, two-way call and many more.

Dementia, one of the most common elderly diseases affects almost 80% of elders with ageing in their early 70’s. To help dementia patients staying in hospital or nursing home ThinkRace technology present a system for activity monitoring and tracking. This tracking device for elderly people is handy especially for hospitals and nursing home dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. People with strict medication routine could also be benefited from it.

How is technology helping hospitals and the nursing home?

From 11 years, ThinkRace technology has been the leading GPS tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s Company. More than 500 clients who have been using our OEM/ODM/JDM service to create their own elderly GPS smartwatch. We are the largest elderly GPS smartwatch wholesalers that have helped many hospitals and healthcare centre. Our Company has utilized technology in a unique way and moulded it into a smartwatch to help hospitals and nursing home.

Below you have five points on how hospitals and nursing home can be benefited:

  1. GPS Technology: It let you know the exact location of your patients. Give them a free environment by utilizing the GPS technology.

  2. Geo-fencing: Apart from tracking your elderly, you can even set an alert and get notified when they cross the geographical area defined by you.

  3. SOS button: Let them live a free life while tracking their behaviour. The SOS panic button can help them to contact you in case of emergency. No matter where they go, let them feel you are just a touch away.

  4. Two-way communication: To let them stay close to their loved one ThinkRace Technology designed elderly GPS smartwatch in such a way that it can be used to make or receive calls from your closed ones. Always stay close to your loved ones.

  5. Health monitoring: The combination of safety and health is the best. At elderly GPS smartwatch factory, our team of engineers has converged safety and health in a small smartwatch. Now apart from tracking, communicating you can also monitor their health. Check their heart rate, pedometer, and the calorie count.

We are the China-based elderly GPS smartwatch manufacturer who has helped companies creating their own tracking brands. We provide the ready-to-use gadgets so that our client can indulge their time and effort after marketing and sales.  If your hospital or nursing home needs their own ready-made elderly GPS smartwatch contact us.

We are happy to help you!

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