About Us

About Us


ThinkRace Technology was established in the year 2006 with the purpose of providing modern technological solutions to businesses and individuals in the form of Global Positioning Services, Tracking Devices, IOT Solutions & Cloud-based services.

We have a global presence; our headquarters is located in Shenzhen, China with branches in Canada, Netherlands, Hong Kong, India & Indonesia.

Our mission is to renew and improve the existing landscape at a personal as well as at the corporate level so that our customers remain relevant to the existing times. To give a competitive edge to our clients with our in-house intelligent Cloud and IOT solutions. We strive to improve the way the world works and lives and to explore the unprecedented avenues of value creation.

To cater the different sets of requirements of our customers, we have created a family of products tailor-made to our customer’s needs and demands. Our product range consists of safety, security & fitness equipment’s which are complemented by our tracking software & mobile app service. We have a dedicated R&D Department where we continuously redefine what’s possible.

We are into building sensor-enabled connected automobiles for creating a robust network of fleet management; building portable and wearable GPS tracking devices for ensuring the safety of our children and revered elders; building smart fitness trackers time tracking of exercise routine, sleep pattern, blood pressure, calories burned and much more.

We have a decade old experience in converting ideas into commercially usable products. We have partnered with global clients to meet their biggest challenges; to assist them in rapidly re-engineering themselves and be more responsive towards changing socio-economic needs. We deliver innovation globally and have a presence in more than 70 countries worldwide. Some of our esteemed satisfied clients are Huawei Technologies, Orange Telecom, Allianz SE, STC, Bharti Airtel…

Our Customers


Safety, security and health monitoring equipment’s with hardware and software services.

Value Added Service

Complete solution product, service & support to promote & help business partners.


ThinkRace leading manufacturer of GPS Technology based Safety, security & Fitness products.


Complete brand management by OEM/ODM services to our clients in our factory.

Mobile App & Web Application

ThinkRace own GPS Tracking Web Platform & Mobile App for iOS & Android for products.

Help & Support

Online 24X7 support & help from expert with quick turnaround solution.