The Best Way to Protect Your Vehicle is OBD GPS Car Tracker

In the year 2010 only, there were more than one billion LMVs or Light Motor Vehicles i.e. excluding Off-Road and Heavy Commercial Vehicles. Leading Think tanks have estimated that after the post-worldwide crisis of 2008, the ongoing vehicle production rate will not take a dip. Rather, we could witness doubling of the number of current on-road vehicles and a seismic shift in world’s highest production rate from the USA to developing nations such as China and India.


Globally there are 148 vehicles per 1000 people. In developed nations like the United States of America, the figure hovers around 800 vehicles per 1000 people. And this was back in 2007 at the height of the economic boom. The USA has the largest fleet of motor vehicles in the world with 239.8 million vehicles registered. After the behemoth comes a distant China and a close India. By annual motor vehicle production rate, China is crowned at the top with production exceeding 23 million annually.


The real reason we need to worry about is that number of motor vehicle theft cases has mimicked the rising trend of Vehicle Production. According to a report by Interpol, a staggering 7.4 million vehicles were stolen at the end of 2016 and as the estimates suggest, this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the USA alone, 390.2 vehicles per 1000 people were reported stolen and law enforcement agencies & authorities are having a hard time to identify and track these stolen vehicles. A vehicle is stolen in every 13 minutes in the National Capital Region alone. A stolen vehicle is not just a headache for the owner rather it is a serious concern for the whole nation as many of the illegal activities are carried out with stolen vehicles.


So how to protect your car from Auto Thieves who are always on the lookout. Well, the solution lies with OBD Tracking System. All you need is a GPS Tracking device such as an OBD Tracker which can provide real-time location of your vehicle. Track and secure your vehicle on the go with OBD2 GPS Tracking devices which are real-time tracking feature and provide vehicle performance statistics such as engine data, fuel efficiency, mileage etc. These OBD Trackers easily fit inside the OBD Port of your car and provide real-time on-board diagnostics information.



We at ThinkRace Technology provide complete GPS Tracking Solutions to industries and businesses in the form of OBD2 Fleet Management, GPS Tracking devices, Mobile Tracking Application and Web Tracking Platform. We are a dedicated OBD GPS Tracker Manufacturer and strive to craft the ideal GPS Monitoring Solution for each and every kind of need which includes asset tracking, personal tracking, fitness tracking and pallet tracking.


Car OBD Port



We offer an extensive range of GPS Tracking Devices, each perfectly tailored to the needs of Fleet Management and Transportation companies. We turn ground-breaking ideas into customer-centric products through our Software Development programs, Prototype Design Systems and Cloud Services.


With more than a decade of experience in GPS Technology, ThinkRace Technology offers a wide range of products in the category of Vehicle Trackers, OBD Trackers, Personal Trackers, Luggage Trackers and GPS Smartwatches. Our products are complemented by top of the line services, they provide complete OEM/ODM Services with logo design and branding strategies. Our in-house app development team customizes the mobile tracking application according to your needs.

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