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OEM equipment manufacturer or OEM technology is a general term that is usually encountered when you purchase IT products; hardware or software. It absorbs partnerships between different companies to deliver a best-of-breed solution to the end-user that is significantly cost-effective. Today, owing to incorporated solutions such as virtualization, hyper-convergence, each organization partners with multiple companies to deliver an integrated solution to the end-user.

What Challenges does the OEM/ODM technology overcome? 

When organizations do not have the in-house talent set to develop firm solutions, it is a superior option to acquire them from other companies. Quicker time to market is one of the key factors that favor OEM/ODM technology. By partnering with such companies, organizations can rapidly build solutions and market them for a better ROI. Another significant factor is the abridged product lifecycle. By the time a company manufactures a product, the technology might become outmoded. By purchasing products from other companies, organizations can speedily build a solution, market it and bring in benefits.

For whom is OEM/ODM technology relevant to?

The technology is pertinent to organizations that do not have the expertise to expand certain technologies. So, it is possible to obtain pre-defined technologies so that they can focus on their core competencies. It would also lessen the sales and marketing costs as well as the competitive pressure. It permits them to aggressively price the technology.

The scope of work for ODM/OEM/JDM normally includes:

Lead Time Assessment

In manufacturing, delivering quick is a clear advantage over the competition. Thus, lead time assessment is grave to ensure that ODM/OEM products, in spite of volume requirements, are delivered severely within schedule.

Sample Procurement

An ODM/OEM manufacturer’s quality of workmanship is best adjudged by examines actual product samples. Sample procurement thus permits you to verify the actual ability of a manufacturer to create your desired product. This ensures that you work only with the finest quality suppliers and avoid the risk of being defrauded by unprincipled suppliers who make bold claims which may later be found ill-equipped to do so, as they often under-deliver or overpromise.

Supplier Assessment

Supplier assessment gives you the chance to assess which among possible suppliers possess the essential technical skills and experience in manufacturing your product, deliver orders in the preferred quantity and meet timeframes, without quality loss. Thus, getting an overview of all pertinent suppliers is significant.

Due Diligence

Due diligence encompasses the conduct of an extensive background check on suppliers to ensure that they are severely compliant with requisite certifications, industry standards, and regulations.

White Label Packages

White label services offered by a third party manufacturing company ensure that your back-end necessities are met (design, quality, and production set up) so you can center on the front-end (branding, marketing, sales, customer service, etc.) and raise your business. The scope of white label packages may vary and may either be relevant solely to design production or be comprehensive of both.

A prominent GPS tracker manufacturerThinkRace Technology

Our in-house R&D team provides comprehensive OEM/ODM/JDM Services to our clients. We strive to renovate customer’s great ideas into commercially usable products. Our team of mavens is always ready to undertake the accountability of designing and building the product according to your own specifications and recognize the significance of high-end quality and competitive pricing strategy for creating a flourishing brand. We go hand in hand with our clients and make the most of our decade-old experience to become their true partner in success. Our GPS tracking technology covers:

  • Production and Marketing Services for the Client’s Brand or Company
  • Backing in Packaging, Content for User Manual and Product Description
  • Customizing Mobile App and Web Platform according to client’s needs
  • Adapting to any modification as stipulated by the client through our customizable manufacturing process

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