Ensure the Safety of your Kid by Real-time tracking with Our GPS Kid’s Watch

Our client was a reputed school. When the basic safety needs of kids are not met, then children do not feel comfortable at their schools and this leaves a lasting impression on their young minds – resulting in poor performance. The school was looking out for ways to find a solution that will resolve this issue.


The concerned client was trying to introduce an innovative approach towards making its children feel safe, especially accessible from smart phones to keep a real-time tracking of their children.




Kid’s safety is a colossal issue for larger schools that spans across huge area. Following are some of the problems that parents face for ensuring safety of their kids in their school:


Deviating Focus


If the environment around is not safe, the kids often tend to lose their focus towards studies - resulting in poor exam results.




Many part of our kid’s lessons centre around the computer and the internet and this may lead to a serious problem like cyber-bullying.




We live in an age of technology and we want to utilize technology for ensuring that our kids are safe in school. Traditional wristwatches are only useful for time-keeping. In order to handle a sensitive matter such as kid’s safety, we need to take the assistance of a device such as GPS watch.




The GPS watch has features which are otherwise available on any standard PC. The GPS watch helps you with a real-time tracking of your’s kid’s whereabouts.


It comes with mobile apps on your smart-phones, with which you can access your kid, while on the go. It performs the following activities:


  • Tracks each and every step of your kid with GPS technology that comes with 3-mode positioning
  • It comes with a calling-feature for tracing the movement of your kid
  • It enables to drop a voice message, anytime and anywhere
  • It comes with a Geo-fence
  • It is accessible from a mobile app and web enabled platform

January 4, 2018 9:15 am