How GPS technology and OBD trackers are leading the way to safe driving?

One of the major issues that are the main concern of the Government of India is road safety. It has been found in accordance with a recent statistical survey that India has the highest number of road casualties in the world. With around 500,000 road mishaps per annum, it is quite unsafe to drive a car on the roads. Also, the majority of the incidents involve the youth aged 15-29 years. The scenario calls for urgent attention and something is to be done soon in order to avoid more road fatalities.

With the increasing number of roads on the car, it becomes difficult for the government to track each and every car and monitor the behavior of the driver. There is an urgent need to manage the cars and look for loopholes in case the driver is too rash or casual. We at ThinkRace Technology constantly think of new ideas to serve you and make your life better and safer. It is our ultimate aim to serve you in the best possible manner and therefore, we bring to you our range of OBD trackers that are equipped with the GPS tracking technology in order to safeguard your children and maintain road safety.

An OBD tracker is a simple plug and play device that can be easily installed into your car. The device comes with a multitude of features such as real-time location tracking, history playback of the locations visited, mileage and fuel consumption analysis and so on. The most remarkable feature that can actively prevent road accidents is the driver behavior analysis. This feature enables one to monitor the behavior of the driver, especially the youth, who define their lives by speed and status.

According to a report by World Health Organization, over 3,000 adolescents die every day that totals to 1.2 million deaths an year due to road injuries. With the fast growing development, wealthy people wish to provide elite cars and branded clothes to their children at a tender age. This may result in horrific incidents because parents are not bothered about the misuse done by their adolescents. Therefore, parents need to provide safety devices such as OBD trackers to control and analyze the driving skills of their children in order to save the precious lives of many people.

Now-a-days, many reputed car companies are providing in-built OBD trackers in their cars in order to ensure the safety of the common people. Also, these trackers are equipped with GPS tracking system that can help locate the exact position of the car and even protect it against theft through its removal alarm. The tracker works on the concept of geo-fencing where one can mark the safe areas and get instant alerts in case the car enters unknown domains.

ThinkRace Technology is a leading manufacturer of OBD trackers and provides customized OEM/ODM solutions to the car manufacturing and dealing authorities. We deliver the latest technology ridden OBD trackers that can assist in safeguarding your car and your loved ones and contribute to the greater good of the society.

May 9, 2018 10:20 am