Securing and Tracking shipment’s journey using GPS Pallet Tracker




Blue Line Shipping is an Indian Business Conglomerate with activities in transport, logistics and fleet management. The company is one of the largest Indian Shipping Line in terms of container vessel capacity and supply operators.
A decade ago, Blue Line switched to reusable rack and pallet system in order to avoid buying new pallets as they hardly had any useful life. Traditional pallets had an operating life of about five years and required high maintenance throughout their working life. Reusable Pallets solved many of the problems for Blue Line before new difficulties of a different kind emerged for the behemoth.


Pallets are an integral part of maritime trade and commerce. But they are also susceptible to damage and loss of property due to mismanagement at the end of shipping company or manufacturing unit. Every year millions of dollars are wasted due to pallets which have gone missing with no signs of retrieving them back.





The Shipping Liner faces the following challenges related to Pallet Security and Cargo Delivery:


  • Absence of information on expected time of delivery
  • Lack of information on the exact location of cargo in real-time
  • High Possibility of In-Transit Pilferage
  • Reusable Pallets getting misplaced or unintentionally moved
  • Non availability of Pallets due to lack of proper Pallet Warehouse Management when loading and unloading goods
  • Delays due to factors which cannot be determined beforehand due to non-availability of GPS Tracking




A smart solution for eradicating all these problems is what Blue Line Shipping should go for. In this scenario, a Pallet Tracking Solution is the need of the hour. Effective Pallet Tracking Solutions are a must for shipping companies and cargo transporters who want to ensure on-time delivery of their shipments with minimum risks and liabilities associated with long-distance transportation.


Pallet Tracker from ThinkRace Technology provides real-time tracking of goods with its advanced 3-mode GPS Tracking technology. The AT13 Pallet Tracker enables transporters to track and trace each step of their cargo’s journey right from collection to delivery. The Pallet Tracker can be easily coupled with a Pallet Management Software for an efficient inventory tracking system.




  • Pallet Trackers mostly come with the following set of features:
  • Multi-mode positioning (GPS/LBS/AGPS)
  • Real-Time Data
  • Long standby of 3 years (AT13 Pallet Tracker)
  • Vibration Alarm
  • Illegal Removal Alarm
  • FOTA-compatible
  • Ergonomically designed




Blue Line Shipping can expect the following outcomes after installing a Pallet Tracking System:

  • 50% reduction in Labour Costs in terms of overtime and extra pay
  • 25% reduction in number of drivers per shift due to increased efficiency in Warehouse Management System
  • 35% increase in average number of pallets moved per hour
  • A guaranteed ROI in 4-6 months



Pallet Tracker is an ultimate solution to track and get a hold of shipments even if they are thousands of miles away out in the ocean. Your pallet’s location is just a click away and can be easily accessed from your PC or Smartphone. These Pallet Tracking Devices guarantee round the clock protection for any kind of merchandise.

September 5, 2017 10:03 am