Senior Safety Device GPS Tracking Watch for Elderly People

Our client was an organization that provided care-giving services – to take care of the elderly citizens. Growing old is never easy. But, it so happens that science and technology is making the lives of the elderly better. There is a growing need for the caregivers to take care of the senior citizens, so as to make the life of the elderly easier – both for the wearers as well as the caregivers, more so for the people who lives alone.


Even with their best intention to take care of the elderly, this organization often failed to provide satisfactory services to their client. They faced many challenges and we will next delve into some of these challenges.




The role of a caregiver is never easy. No doubt there is a joy associated with the role. But, it often requires sacrifices and relentless commitment and that requires surprising number of challenges:


No Proper Training


As a caregiver, you are expected to perform professional work in which you do not have the requisite amount of skills. Sometimes, the caregivers have to grapple with complex legal, financial responsibilities.


Bad Healthcare System


The healthcare system that needs advocacy for the elderly citizens, is impervious to the actual goal that is served by the system – that is ensuring the safety of the patients. Most of these caregivers often have a narrow view of the responsibilities that they need to undertake.


Expensive Services


Care-giving is an expensive matter for the elderly who usually are out of fund or have limited resources to start with. Many of the elderly suffers from Dementia or Alzheimer’s that increases the expenses of care-giving all the more.


Disorientation Caused By Certain Diseases


Diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia make the elderly patients prone to wandering away in distant places and sometimes even getting lost.



ThinkRace Technology has come up with a GPS Tracking Watch For Seniors PT59 designed specially, for our senior citizens. The design has a prudent perspective, which has got the look and feel that matches well with the needs of our senior citizens.




Our solution, PT 59 on elderly care helped the caregivers in the following ways:


  • The GPS tracking watch is capable of tracking the movement of the elderly and trace them out, in the event of getting lost, due to diseases like Dementia.
  • Such devices are enabled with technologies that accounts for real-time monitoring of the senior citizens.
  • The device makes it possible to respond timely with the much needed help and reach out to save the life of the elderly. It prevents any potential injury to the patients.
  • The geo-fence feature ensures that the caregiver knows when the elderly steps outside a stipulated area.
  • The device is waterproof and has a long battery life that helps in tracking the elderly for a prolonged period of time. 


The Smart GPS Elderly Tracking Watch - enabled watch makes it possible, not only to keep a vigilant eye on the elderly and track him with real-time information, but also carry out elderly care without any proper training.

December 27, 2017 12:59 am