Cloud Service

Cloud Service


The tracking devices running on GPS technology generate a substantial amount of data every day. This data needs to get stored in smart data centres which are reliable and don’t compromise on quality & performance. These systems are sometimes too complicated for many of the companies out there and require a technical team of well-trained individuals following a well-executed technical plan to operate these systems.

ThinkRace is trying to simplify this complex process for clients who are invested in the GPS Tracking Business. We are providing a one stop solution for all GPS Tracking related issues. We have partnered with Amazon AWS to ensure premium cloud services and have installed multiple data centres across the globe for a pan-continent presence. Our various data centres situated across the world are:

  • The Singapore Data Centre to cover the South-East Asian Countries.

  • Data Centre in Germany to cover Europe and Africa.

  • The Hong Kong Data Centre to cover Vietnam, China and Hong Kong

  • The India Data Centre to cover India, Pakistan and the Middle-East.

  • USA Data Centre to cover the region of North America

  • Data Centre in Brazil to cover the region of South America.