Emergency SOS button for Elderly – How nursing home can benefit from it?

A dazzling array of new technology is letting elderly parents stay safe and secure.

As we grow older, our body goes through end number of changes – hair loss, weak eye sight, hearing loss, Alzheimer disease etc. Among this, Alzheimer is the common health issue with old age people. Due to this disease the ability to think and remember is affected.  Every 3 second someone in the world develop Alzheimer. According to a report, nearly 4.3 million people in India have Dementia (Alzheimer Disease).

People affected with this disease lose the capability to perform their day-to-day activity like bathing, grooming, cooking etc., thus they need a proper care. There are nearly 9.1 percent of Dementia patient in every hospital and nursing home. Some of the hospital, nursing home or old age home is especially for Dementia patients.

Elderly GPS Smartwatch is a new helping hand

Nursing home care gives homely feeling and care to these loved ones by providing proper medical and personal care. It is the best place for those who require 24/7 medical supervision. It’s quite hard to keep the track of every dementia patients that’s the main reason why some of the hospitals, old-age homes, caregiver, and nursing homes are taking the help of technology.

GPS Alzheimer’s watch is helping nursing home by providing the real-time location of their patients. Now they can keep the track of their patients by giving a complete freedom to them. Wandering is an ever-present danger for these patients and a great challenge for caregivers. Have you ever thought if your patient is in a need of you, how he/she will alert you? How they will send an emergency alert to you? How you will track them?

Security Needs with Novel Technology

A nurse call button is a found around the hospital bed that allows patients to alert nurse or healthcare staff in any sort of emergency need. When the button is pressed, a signal alert is sent to the nurse station, and they assist you in your need. But, what if the patient is away from the bed? To conquer this situation- Elderly GPS tracker manufacturer in-built SOS panic button in the Smartwatch.

To help nursing home– ThinkRace Technology designed Elderly GPS tracker with one mission to help the elderly loved ones to stay safe and secure. 11 years of the successful journey have made ThinkRace a leading GPS Tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s Company.  Our ODM/OEM/JDM service deliver customer market-ready solution that can be deployed out of the box, reducing their time to manufacture.

For businesses that are looking for ready-to-use GPS Smartwatch tracking device for their industry, this Elderly GPS smartwatch tracker is the right solution for them.

At, elderly GPS tracker factory large mass production is taken place and product delivery is done on time. We have more than 500 satisfying customers who received on-time delivery and guaranteed solution.

Benefits of Elderly GPS Smartwatch tracking solution for Healthcare Companies

Real-Time Location: Track your patients in real time so that you are always aware of their present location.

Health monitoring: Monitor heart rate and physical fitness.

Geo-Fencing: Through this feature, you can create a predefined boundary for your elderly patients.

Two-way Communication: Let you stay close to your loved ones. Make a call or receive calls from your contacts.

SOS Panic button: Last but the most useful feature – remotely alerts nurse or hospital staff in case of any emergency help.

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