Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

Smart Sports Fitness Bands & Bracelets

Fitness Trackers are devices used for monitoring and tracking your fitness-related metrics such as distance cover, heartbeat rate, blood pressure and calorie consumption. These fitness trackers use a combination of different technologies including bluetooth, accelerometer, pedometer, and altimeter to gather these data. These fitness tracker bracelets & bands are designed to register your exercise routine, workout session and most importantly they motivate you to do more. We are the largest fitness tracker manufacturer that helps customers to grow their business with their own fitness tracking brand. We provide fitness tracking ODM/OEM/JDM services for our partners and customers.

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Fitness Smart Bracelet H3

Fitness Smart Bracelet H3

Stable fitness smart bracelet design for sport lovers
Smart Fitness Bracelet H11

Smart Fitness Bracelet H11

Stable fitness smart bracelet design for sport lovers
Smart GPS Sports Watch H18

Smart GPS Sports Watch H18

Stable fitness smart bracelet design for sport lovers

Android Smart Watch H368

Stable fitness smart bracelet design for sport lovers



  • Blood pressure monitor (Max Min)
  • Heart rate monitor (Max Min Average)
  • Time date & Steps & Distance & Calorie & sleep Display
  • Sleep monitor (time & quality)
  • Call & SMS & Wechat reminder
  • Anti-lost reminder (phones beyond the scope will remind)
  • Muli-alarm
  • Task reminder & Event reminder
  • Lift the wrist to bright the screen
  • Exercise plan setting
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Exercise data share on social media


  • Touch Screen
  • Wonderful interface, personalized design
  • Detachable wristband
  • Online upgrade
  • Google play and app store
  • Synchronous data to mobile applications

Using a fitness tracker is a great way to track your progress and set fitness goals along the way. They provide a daily report about your physical activities and workout sessions. Our fitness trackers work in sync with our integrated mobile app and web platform services to keep you updated about your progress.


ThinkRace Technology offers the variety of tracking and fitness solutions that are able to deliver satisfying solutions. This fitness band is designed with the latest technology and essential features for everyday use. Our company is the leading importer-distributor, and wholesale suppliers of fitness devices like bracelets and bands. Connect with us for more information.

Available in Android & iOS Platform