Get the real-time location of your Car with OBD Tracker?

Are you always in the constant fear of losing your car? Do you worry about your spouse’s driving skills? Well, if the answer is yes and we at ThinkRace Technology present you with OBD Vehicle tracking devices. The device Plug & Play is a self-installed fleet tracking device for cars and light commercial vehicles that can be fitted within a matter of seconds. The tracking solution connects swiftly and easily to the OBD II diagnostic port of the vehicle to detain telemetric data that will not only provide a tranquil way of monitoring assets and protection against misuse, but also enable Companies to ensure they are being driven correctly to help maximize return on investment value.

We hold outstanding production technicians & efficient distribution team (more than 80 persons), as well as superior service staff members so that we could embark on your orders very competently and can make any services very effectively. When we have the confidence on the soaring quality of our products, we could offer competitive prices at the same time.

In addition, you could suggest any design or set any special requirement for our products and we shall do our best to settle them for you. We consider our honesty and sincerity shall make any cooperation agreeable.

Salient Features are:

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Internal superior sensitivity MTK chipset
  • OBDII connectivity, easy to install
  • Internal 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection and driving behavior analysis
  • Build-in backup battery with long standby time
  • Internal GSM/GPS antenna
  • Wide operating voltage range 8V to 28V DC


After plugging in your MT-OBD unit your installation is complete. Your device will routinely start reporting every time the vehicle is switched on and will continue reporting grounded on your service plan.

Merely log into the web portal and view live or historical tracking at any time. Access tracking from Computers, Smartphone, or any other web-enabled devices using open API and customize app and applications.

White label tracking software

We are keenly serving Companies globally to set up profitable GPS tracking businesses with ODM/OEM/JDM solutions. Our team of competent experts will setup software and will undertake all technical aspects for you. We will implement your corporate identity (name, logo etc.) and localize it in your language. Furthermore, you can also take all necessary continuous technical support from us!

OBD tracker can be used in any car or van manufactured. Companies use this unit for fleet management to track objects in real time, get precise notifications, to produce reports and much more. To elaborate, take an example of one of our client. The client is the leader in renting of cars; they need a system through which they can track their car and the driving conduct of the concerned individual. We helped them by providing them with easy to install OBD vehicle tracking device.

For bulk-in orders, give a ring to us or penned down your queries!

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