GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigation System



Indian Air Traffic Control and Maritime Regulators have started discussions on implementing the indigenous navigation system ‘GAGAN’ as per Indian norms and recommendations from the center. Deliberations between all the stakeholders and government authorities have already begun. A roadmap is being constructed to avoid any delays with the launch of ‘GAGAN’ at a nationwide level.


‘GAGAN’ is an ambitious project for the Government of India. The Satellite-based Augmentation System(SBAS) is being jointly developed by Airport Authority of India (AAI) and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) at a cost of 774 crores or USD 7.74 billion.



GAGAN is a step towards the introduction to an advanced communication and augmented navigation system for Air Traffic Control and Indian Airspace Management. The system will add more teeth to the Maritime Front and Indian Coast Guard and provide services in other segments such as intelligent transportation, maritime, highways, railways, surveying, geodesy, security agencies, telecom industry, personal users of position location applications etc.


Once launched, the system will be at par with other SBAS system like US-WAAS, European EGNOS, and Japanese MSAS etc. It will cover the whole country and surrounding areas of the Indian Subcontinent such as Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, South-East and West Asia expanding up to Africa.


The system has been designed with the objective of making Air Traffic Control and Aircraft more efficient by reducing fuel costs and increasing safety & security measures for passengers and cargo. It will completely redefine navigation over Indian Airspace and Maritime bodies.

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