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GPS Watch

GPS Watch

GPS Watch for Kids / Elderly People

Smart watches are for those who want to go beyond timekeeping. They are capable of performing tasks which are out of the scope for traditional wristwatch. They are enabled with GPS watch technology, real-time tracking, two-way calling feature, geo-fencing and work in sync with their designated mobile app and web platform services. ThinkRace Technology is the largest GPS watch manufacturer designed tracking wearable’s for kids and elderly people because safety is mandatory for all age group.

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Product Road Map

elderly gps watch

Elderly GPS Tracker Watch PT88

Special watch for senior & elderly people safety

kids gps watch

GPS Watch PT61s

Total safety & security of kids & children

hajj safety gps watch

Hajj GPS Watch PT80

Best GPS Watch to Ensure Safety of pilgrims

senior gps watch

GPS Watch for Elder PT68

GPS watch for senior & elder person

gps watch for child

GPS Kids Watch PT82

Kids & children safety watch

gps watch for kids & children

3G GPS Watch Tracker PT306

3G GPS watch design for kids & children

kids gps watch

4G Kids GPS Watch PT91

4G GPS Kids watch for children & kids



  • Real-time location
  • GPS+LBS+GPS+WIFI positioning
  • Geo-fence
  • Family number two-way communication and voice monitor
  • One button SOS
  • Take-off Alert
  • Voice message


  • SOS button for Help
  • Dual Positioning
  • Remote monitoring
  • Phone call
  • Electronic Fence
  • History Trace

Our customized range of kids watch and elder watch GPS tracker has proven to be very helpful in safeguarding little and elderly ones. Our wearable device helps in finding real-time location of your loved ones and help to stay connected in case of any emergency.

We are the largest kid watch manufacturer designed for real-time tracking and provide complete security to the little ones. The kids GPS watch comes with GPS technology, two-way calling, geo-fencing, SOS emergency button and pedometer sensor. Moreover, the watch is water resistant and equipped with alarm and reminder feature. The kids watch design is modern and stylish that your kids will love to wear. With customized app &application service remotely monitor your kid’s location via Android and iOS app or platform.

We understand every age group demands different thus our technology experts have excellent in manufacturing elderly SOS watch. Each elderly locator devices has a GPS Unit, cellular connection, accelerometer, blood pressure monitor, heart rate sensor and other activity sensors to let you stay connected to your elderly loved ones. With this elderly SOS watch let your elderly people contact you in case of any emergency. Track their whereabouts directly from our mobile app and web platform.