Importance of GPS Fleet Tracking Systems for Oil and Gas Industries

In the Energy Sector, especially in the Oil and Gas exploration industry where actions are carried out in remote locations, GPS Fleet Tracking Systems play a big role in everyday operations. Unsafe work environments call for safe and efficient measures to prevent any accident or disaster. Health and precautionary solutions are key components for improved safety within the organization. Not just to curb mishaps, real-time monitoring of oil tanker’s movements is also a big part of security solutions which Oil Distributors seek.


By monitoring oil vessel’s movements from any given location, the exact time of delivery to the customer’s oil station can be assessed. Oil Distributors can even notify customers if there are any delays with the shipment. Oil service companies also need to keep a track of their fixed and movable assets such as drilling equipments, mobile diesel heaters, oil separators, gas pumps, storage tanks and gas generators.


A GPS Vehicle Tracking System is the right way to keep a track of goods, especially the movable assets such as Oil Tankers and Vessels. Such a system is equipped with a myriad of features to track and secure assets in the best possible way. These systems work in synchronization with Vehicle Trackers to capture and analyse various sets of data under different parameters.



Once installed in the fleet management system, Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems provide the following information to managers and service providers


  • Real-Time Tracking with route and trajectory analysis
  • Real-Time Alerts and Notification if any problem is encountered
  • Driver behaviour analysis to mitigate risk of accidents
  • Exact delivery time estimates
  • Route and Location History
  • Multi-Alarm feature to avoid siphoning of oil and any other kind of pilferage
  • Access real-time tracking data via a mobile tracking app or web tracking platform
  • Demarcate unsafe areas with Geo-Fence feature for instant alerts if the Tanker deviates from its route


All these functions can be found in a single product to facilitate tracking of oil shipments for the Petroleum Industry. One of the examples of such a product Is the VT32 Vehicle Tracker by ThinkRace Technology.


We at ThinkRace Technology are focused on providing professional GPS tracking & wireless safety equipments to industries and businesses. We are based in Shenzhen, with branch offices in HK, India & Canada. We are providing comprehensive OEM/ODM services for GPS tracker and our in-house R&D team offers both hardware and software services. Our company has set up research departments including app, web, back-end and hardware department. All our products are developed independently and we have obtained a number of national patents. Our production and manufacturing teams provide a good foundation for high-quality products.

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