How to keep your child safe in schools?

We all know about a recent incident in a reputed school in Delhi. And this reminds us of how important is it to maintain a safe and protective environment in the schools, for our children. The questions that often props up in our mind are “Are our children safe at school?” and “How to keep them safe?”.


In this endeavor, quite often the school staff plays an all-important role. Since, they are regularly in contact with these young people, it is they who come to notice any signs of neglect or abuse that is committed. Subsequently, they come to the rescue of these young ones.


What are the Challenges and Solutions for Bigger Schools?


There are immense challenges faced by the bigger schools. There are nooks and corners in the schools which may cause safety concerns. The child may bunk classes, while moving from one building to another. But, there are solutions for this problem:


Solution # 1

There are schools who have installed metal detectors and cameras in their premises. One best practice is the use of safety trackers to ensure your children’s safety.


Solution # 2

Maintaining strict routines and making the child adhere to these routines will ensure the safety.


Solution # 3

Some schools resort to creating a buddy system that will enable the buddies to be aware of where others are located, in a certain point in time.


Solution # 4

The schools can resort to appointing supervisors to keep track of where the child is, say while moving from one place to another. Some schools resort to online safety measures.


Online Safety


The schools must take some steps to ensure the safety of the children. We are moving towards an online world, starting from our daily shopping experiences. So, we are seeing a surge in the number of online safety advices and resources for the schools and other educational institutions. This e-safety approach is adopted for online safety. In order to keep the children safe, help can be provided in the following ways:


  • Raise awareness with training
  • Maintaining safety with trained workforce
  • Safety Community with Parents


Raise awareness with training


The children can be trained with the necessary skills, so that they can handle situations all by themselves.
Maintaining safety with trained workforce.


All the teaching and support staff must be constantly trained, so that they act appropriately and with confidence, to keep the children safe.


Safety Community with parents


The parents must be involved in learning about safety for their kids at school. Run workshops with experts to make the parents aware.


We conclude by saying is that the best way to track the movement of your child is through a GPS Personal Tracker. You may track your child’s movement in real-time, with such devices. These devices are often accompanied with Android and iOS apps and ensure that you are constantly connected with your child, anywhere and anytime and know of any emergencies that arise. This will ensure the complete peace of mind for you and your child.

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