Monitor Fitness On the Go with Smart Fitness Tracker Bands

Fitness Tracker Bands or simply activity trackers are somewhat different than smartwatches. The major differences lie in functionality and price. Fitness Tracker Bracelets monitor physical activities and register exercise routines and training programs.


Earlier, people needed to take a doctor’s appointment to know basic health data such as blood pressure and heart rate in order to gauge the level of fitness. But with the coming of fitness trackers and smart bands, this scenario has abruptly changed. Today, basic health data such as heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, etc. are easily available to those who use fitness trackers on a daily basis albeit the data is not that accurate every time but still, a normal user can assess his/her fitness level quite easily.


Above all fitness trackers are a popular way to keep track of a fitness routine or training program. Professional athletes especially sprinters and long distance runners can reap huge benefits by recording their time, stamina and speed with the help of fitness trackers and bracelets. Wearers can also track their calorie intake, steps taken and quality of sleep. High-end fitness trackers also provide daily fitness goals to the wearer which he/she needs to fulfill. Goals like 10,000 steps in a day, 8-hour sleep, 3000 calorie limit for the day etc. are a common thing.



When looking for the right fitness bracelet, ensure that it contains the following features


  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Blood Oxygen Level Indicator (Optional)
  • Pedometer
  • Altimeter
  • Calorie Intake and Expenditure count
  • Sleep Monitor (REM sleep and Non-REM sleep duration)
  • Multi-Alarm (Optional)
  • Training and Exercise plan setting option
  • Call and SMS Reminder
  • Event Reminder
  • Waterproof Design


Make sure the fitness tracker works in synchronization with a mobile tracking app so that you can easily measure your daily progress and set daily fitness goals. Analyse and plan future training programs as you fulfill weekly or monthly fitness goals.


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