Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices to track Delhi Transport’s Fleet of Buses

Seven years ago, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) partnered with Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System (DIMTS) to equip its whole fleet of buses with cheap vehicle GPS trackers with the hopes of tracking buses in real-time. The total strength of Delhi Transport Corporation’s (DTC) Fleet is 3,944 buses.


But today the scenario is quite different from what was expected. Most of the trackers installed by DIMTS in DTC buses are out of order. The situation is not only putting the safety of passengers and buses at risk but is also a violation of a Delhi High Court Order.


Even when these cheap vehicle tracking devices were working, they failed to track buses on a real-time basis. The fault wasn’t with the trackers installed in buses rather the software and the server which were being used simply lacked the capability to handle the heavy traffic data or input of the whole fleet. In addition, trackers couldn’t provide accurate locations of the buses and often gave wrong reading which defeated the whole purpose of tracking them in real-time.



Delhi Government has now planned to terminate the contract with DIMTS, the company in which the Delhi Government has a 49% stake. The administration will now look for a new GPS Service provider which provides a one-stop GPS tracking solution for its whole fleet.


ThinkRace Technology offers a viable tracking solution in the form of Vehicle and Car GPS Trackers VT06. The device is one of a kind and can track all kinds of vehicle and even help manage a fleet of trucks, buses, taxis etc. Once connected with the vehicle and synced in with the Fleet Management Software, the device provides all kinds of GPS Telematics and Fleet Management Data. The company has more than a decade of experience in the field of Vehicle Tracking and provides coherent GPS Tracking solutions on a large scale to industries, corporates, and businesses.

September 14, 2017 7:57 am