Government gives the green signal for installing GPS-enabled Digital Meters in Taxis

The State Government of Goa has decided to give the clearance to digital meters and global positioning system (GPS) in taxis in the capital. The decision is the first step towards implementing a fully automated Vehicle GPS Tracking System for state-run taxis and buses. The decision came after the matter was raised as a petition in the High Court of Bombay at Goa.


The State Government needs to make sure that substandard meters and GPS Tracking devices are not installed like the case of state-run DTC Buses. Officers need to prescribe certain minimum standards for these Vehicle GPS Trackers. Providers should have an approval certificate from some central agency and their devices should pass all the prescribed tests and procedures.



The State Transport Department is also studying existing digital meters available in the market so that vehicle owners feel free to purchase and install the system on their own. The humongous data collected from GPS Tracking devices needs to get stored somewhere like in dedicated cloud servers. It needs to be efficiently routed and channelled so as to make it readily available to users.


According to the statement by Government Authorities, the state department will start implementing the project once the petition in Bombay High Court is disposed.

October 9, 2017 6:27 am