Railway Trolleys to be fitted with GPS Tracking Devices

The governing body of Indian Railways has decided to equip all hand-pushed and hand-operated Railways trolleys with GPS Trackers. The Railway Ministry has instructed all the zonal railway department heads via a letter dated September 6. The letter clearly states that installation of an active GPS Tracking System should be completed by the end of September 2017.


Hand-pushed railway trolleys or carts are used for monitoring railway tracks and carrying out safety inspections. The decision comes against the backdrop of a slew of train derailments last month. A central computer mainframe or workstation, devoted to keeping record of the GPS Tracking System, will be installed in engineering control rooms of all the divisions.


The system will ensure if sectional engineers are carrying out their routine inspections and whether track men are adhering to repairing schedules. Defects in railway tracks will not go unchecked.



In addition, Indian Railways are in the process of procuring self-propelled automatic machines based on ultrasonic detection system to spot deformities, cracks, wear and defects in railway tracks. It is a fixed, continuous operating system which uses guided electromagnetic waves to detect any break in rails.


High-frequency Ultrasonic Waves (frequency above 20,000 Hz) are bombarded on railway tracks. These high-frequency waves get reflected back if they come across any crack or defect which ascertains any deformity present in that part of the track. Sectional Engineers and Trackmen will be able to cover longer lengths of tracks in the shortest possible time as these machines are highly maneuverable and easy to use.

September 11, 2017 9:46 am