No More Lost Luggage – Track Down Your Bags With Smart Luggage Tracker

Have you ever lost your luggage at airlines? Nothing is more painful than watching people carrying their bags and finding yourself, standing in the helpdesk section at airport. In this perfect world, many of the time your airline doesn’t know where your checked bag is. But what if you can tell the airlines exactly where your bags are?

Luggage tracker technology has made our life easier than before. There are two types of tracking devices that may work for you – Bluetooth and GPS tracker. Bluetooth tracker is very handy and can be very helpful in finding your lost items but it comes with a disadvantage. They got a limited range of a range of 50ft. On the other hand, the GPS Tracker uses cellular technology to transfer the location to server. It can help you to locate your lost things like wallet, backpack, briefcase or suitcase. It is easy to use, handy and helps you to access your device location from anywhere through its integrated mobile app available for both Android and iOS or through the web. Smart Luggage tracker is designed to track your lost bag located in any city whereas, Bluetooth tracker let you find the lost items in close ranges.

Follow your luggage via Luggage tracker AT15 manufactured by ThinkRace Technology. From successful 11 years, it is one of the leading GPS tracking, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment Company. It has served more than 500 Companies and offers OEM/ODM/JDM services.

Why should you have a luggage tracker?

Every year around 26 million luggage go missing from the airport. Luggage tracker AT15 makes your luggage smarter. It uses GPS/LBS/AGPS/Wifi mode to track your device. It provides you a real-time location so that your trip can go stress free. Due to its light-weight it is very handy to use. It is one-all solution to your problems linked with your luggage.

Quick view on Luggage tracker AT15 features:

  • Real-time tracking

  • Pre-loaded global SIM

  • Over speed alarming

  • Light Weight

  • Long-standby battery

  • Geofencing

Enjoy your peace of mind with AT15. It is the #1 tracking devices that provide worldwide location report to keep you connected to your valuables. With its worldwide coverage, long lasting battery, mini size and lightweight enjoy stress-free travel. This is why GPS luggage tracker is the top choice of many users. Get your own GPS tracker today!

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