OBD 2 Car GPS Tracker – Easy to install and no cutting of wires

ThinkRace Technology is a major manufacturer of this OBD 2 GPS Tracker. It is an OBD (on-board diagnostics) or GPS tracking device for automobiles that has a plug and play version. It is a tracking device that is capable of tracking in the real-time. The best part of this device is that it can be installed in your car – without the need to get any help from any external physician. It is device that when installed in your car will eventually turn yourself into smart car and yourself into a smart driver.


All you have to do is to plug the GPS device into Cloud. You can attach it to the OBD port of the car – that lies under the dashboard. Moreover it has a history playback that enables you to get a view of the route that is followed by your vehicle. This kind of location history is beneficial for keeping a watch on the driving habits of teenagers, drivers as well as your spouse.


The OBD 2 Car GPS Tracker is accompanied with certain features, as follows:


Real-time or GPS-location


We all live in the era of smart-phones and we prefer to get connected in the real-time. This OBD tracker is a wireless device that is based on GPS technology and Real-time location system (RTLS). Real-time tracking data is available from the vehicles and this can then be analyzed by the users with the help of web-based tracking platform and mobile tracking app.


Multi-Alarm System


The multi-alarm system is an important security feature of your vehicle. This can send an alarm to you due to low—battery, displacement, over-speed of your car as well as alarm based on geo-fence. The mobile tracking app will be sending signals to the car owner, if he moves too far away from the car.


Vehicle Health


If any unit of your vehicle malfunctions then this diagnostics system will be able to identify and rectify the user about that malfunction. If there are any malfunction in the cooling system, battery system, power unit, ignition etc then fault codes will be generated about this device. Furthermore, this device is quite useful in making the user aware of any impending vehicle breakdown or engine issues, from beforehand to cut down the maintenance expenses.


Analysis of Driver Behavior


The OBD tracker can keep a vigilant eye on the behavior of your driver. Drivers often indulge in harsh braking, idling, deviation from route plan or acceleration behind the wheels. All these erratic behaviors can be tracked with this OBD tracker. The tracking is done based on the smart-phones and this is useful this enables the driver to switch over to a smarter way of driving.


Analysis of Mileage and Fuel-Consumption


The main expenditure incurred by any logistics company or a driver is always the amount of fuel consumed. The OBD tracker sends a report on consumption of fuel and how that is dependent on factors such as over-speeding, idling and non-economic driving. The OBD Tracker can increase the mileage or fuel-efficiency, considerably by 18 % with the report on the OBD Tracker.


Support Services


We have a dedicated team of R & D Engineers who provides support services on hardware and software. The software team incorporates changes related to the web-based platform or the mobile tracking app, as they offer customized solution, as per the varying change of the end-users. We deliver customizable platform with open API. Finally, our OBD trackers are accompanied with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure premium-quality Cloud Services.


Support on OTA Upgrade


Our OTA-capable devices are capable of downloading upgrades, directly from the service provider. This is beneficial in the up-gradation and the installation of the OBD trackers, as used by the fleet management, telecom providers and the insurance agencies. This services include quick bug fixes and upgrades.

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