OBD Tracker

OBD Tracker

OBD Tracker

Smart Plug & Play Device for Car – No Cutting of Wires & Easy to Install

ThinkRace Technology is the leading OBD GPS tracker manufacturer that uses advanced GPS and OBD technology to track the cars. The real-time tracking system that is a simple plug & play device that can be easily installed in the car without any assistance from a technician. OBD 2 tracker features history playback which enables you to view the route and location history of the car. Keep a watch on the driving habits of your teenagers; spouse or driver with OBD tracker technology. Reduce your overall costs with OBD2 fleet management System for tracking fleet vehicles.

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Real-Time Location GPS Location


With no-cutting of wire, this OBD GPS tracker in India is based on Real-Time Location System (RTLS) and GPS technology provides tracking on a real-time basis. With an amalgamation of both these technologies, our OBD trackers provide accurate and precise real-time tracking data. Users can simply access and analyze vehicle-based tracking data through the OBD tracking app or platform.

Mileage and Fuel Consumption Analysis


The prime share of the expenditure for any individual driver or logistics company is the money spent on fuel. Managing fuel consumption is definitely the most important cost-cutting procedure for any individual or company. Our OBD vehicle tracking device provides reports on fuel consumption containing imperative parameters like amount of fuel spent due to idling, over speeding, non-economic driving etc. With the help of fuel consumption report, you can boost your vehicle fuel efficiency and mileage by up to 18%.