OBD Tracker

OBD Tracker

OBD Tracker

Smart Plug & Play Device for Car – No Cutting of Wires & Easy to Install

ThinkRace Technology is the leading OBD GPS car tracker manufacturer that uses advanced GPS and OBD technology to track vehicles. This OBD tracking system is an ideal, real-time GPS tracking system. It is a simple plug & play device that can be easily installed in your car without any assistance from a technician. It features history playback which enables you to view the route and location history of your car. It also helps you to keep a watch on the driving habits of your teenagers, spouse or driver. The device can be easily incorporated into any OBD2 fleet management System for tracking fleet vehicles and reducing overhead costs.

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Real-Time Location GPS Location


This wireless OBD tracker technology is based on Real-Time Location System (RTLS) and GPS technology provide tracking on a real-time basis. With a combination of both these technologies, our OBD trackers provide accurate and precise real-time tracking data. Users can easily access and analyze vehicle-based tracking data through the mobile tracking app or web-based tacking platform.

Mileage and Fuel Consumption Analysis


The biggest share of the expenditure for any individual driver or logistics company is the money spent on fuel. Managing fuel consumption is definitely the most important cost-cutting procedure for any individual or company. Our OBD trackers provide reports on fuel consumption containing important parameters like amount of fuel spent due to idling, over speeding, non-economic driving etc. With the help of fuel consumption report you can increase your vehicle fuel efficiency and mileage by up to 18%.

Driver Behaviour Analysis


Recording driver behavior is important for ensuring vehicle and driver safety. Our OBD tracker records unsafe driving habits such as sudden acceleration, harsh braking, prolonged idling, and deviation from route plan etc. Our OBD 2 fleet management feature helps fleet managers to track their drivers and vehicles right from their Smartphone or operating system. With this data, drivers can make the switch to a smarter and more economical driving style.

Vehicle Health Monitoring


This GPS car tracking system provides real-time vehicle diagnostics information for quickly identifying and rectifying any malfunctions. The device generates fault codes if there are any complications with any of the vehicle components such as power unit, intake manifold, cooling system, exhaust manifold, ignition system, battery etc. The tracker also informs drivers beforehand about engine issues and vehicle breakdown saving expenditures on maintenance.

OTA Upgrade Support


Our OBD trackers receive over the air upgrades. OTA-capable devices can download upgrades directly from the service provider which is actually the manufacturer or firmware developer. This facilitates upgradation and installation process for telecom operators, insurance agencies and fleet management companies who use OBD Trackers on a large scale.

Multi-Alarm System


Multi- alarm system is an important security feature for any vehicle. The feature consists of low battery alarm, removal alarm, displacement alarm, vibration alarm, over speed alarm, Geo-Fence alarm, engine alerts etc. Such a features help user take real-time action if required.

Hardware & Software Support Services


Our research & development team and dedicated manufacturing department provide complete hardware & software support services to industries and businesses. We deliver open APIs with customizable tracking platforms. Our software team assists our clients in making any changes to the mobile tracking app or web tracking platform and customizes it according to their needs and requirements. In addition, our OBD GPS tracking devices are backed by Amazon Web Services to ensure premium cloud services with a pan-continent presence.

Product Road Map

OBD2 GPS Car Tracker VT200

OBD2 GPS Car Tracker VT200

OBD2 Car Tracker is the best GPS for car.
OBD GPS Tracker VT200B

OBD GPS Tracker VT200B

OBD2 GPS Tracker For Vehicle Tracking
4G OBD WiFi GPS Tracker VT400

4G OBD WiFi GPS Tracker VT400

4G OBD2 WiFi GPS Tracker For Vehicle Tracking

ThinkRace Technology is a leading car tracker manufacturer and supplier of GPS tracking products and services. We have a presence in more than 70 countries and have formed healthy associations with corporate and enterprises from all around the world. In our OBD tracker factory we provide complete car tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services to industries and businesses. We have partnered with numerous Indian MNCs to distribute and deliver OBD device for car in India.

OBD Tracker solution helps you to access the real-time on-board diagnostics information which allows you to rapidly identify and rectify any malfunction within the vehicle. The tracker comfortably fits inside the OBD Port present in your car. This tracking system generates fault codes if there are any discrepancies with any of the vehicle components such as the power unit, air intake manifold, fuel intake system, cooling system, exhaust system, and houses a multi-alarm feature i.e. each alarm specific to the type of malfunction. Record driver habits such as harsh driving, sharp turn, and sudden brakes along with this it provides wide variety of information such as location history, fuel consumption and mileage data. These tracking devices are armed with Geo-Fence Feature which helps you to set safe zones for your vehicle. Our company is the oldest and largest GPS tracker manufacturer in India, helped more than 500 companies to create their own brand named tracking devices.