Operational benefits of pallet tracking system for logistics business

In today’s scenario of global economics, logistics play a key role in facilitating trade, by ensuring the success of business operations. Hence, logistics solutions must be tailored to each customer. Full transparency of orders, visibility till final destination, and reverse logistics have almost become standard. With too many variables in global logistics, keeping the level of service above might be challenging at times.

However, with changing consumer demands, complex business models and growing client’s demand for GPS technology has become essential for the efficiency and effectiveness and improvement in logistic. GPS Pallet tracker can help you identify, classify and manage the flow of materials and information throughout the journey of a consignment, it will give you information about an object’s current location, condition, and history, which can also be stored and retrieved on a real-time basis and given you better visibility for decision making.

Better shipment visibility- All businesses need to keep up with the latest innovations in technology, especially in the logistics industry. For instance, GPS pallet tracking system enabled logistics companies keeps check on the real-time status of their every pallet, wherever they are at all the time. Consignees can see on a map the exact location of a consignment, as well as routing, transfers, expected collection, delivery and estimated time of arrival.

Easy tracking- Not all tracking technologies come with devices that can be attached to the actual pallet. Pallet tracking device gives more control to shippers. That means a pallet tracker can be installed by a carrier, a broker or a third-party logistics company.

Mitigate risk of theft or loss- GPS tracking will help you keep an eye on your products as they move from location to location. By tracking the movement of each asset in your facility, you can ensure that all pallets are accounted to mitigate risks. It is extremely important to take care of these mistakes when possible:

  • Misdistribution and loss
  • Counterfeiting and theft

Whether the risk is theft, loss or any other form of mismanagement, this will not only take time and money to fix them, but they could also result in the lawsuit, heavy fines or loss of a customer.

Improve customer satisfaction- Globalization has made logistics management turned into a multi-layered job where managers are expected to keep tabs on multiple supplies at a time. You don’t just need to deliver goods on time but also offer customized services to different suppliers and customers. Logistics operators need to offer personalized experiences to multiple segments of customers by using pallet tracker that can automate the process of projecting services to different customers. This can save time and effort on the managerial level but also bring added accuracy to data compilation.

ThinkRace Technology’s GPS pallet tracking device maintains a high level of data accuracy and speed. As your business grows, the number of pallets and other assets in your supply will also increase. GPS pallet tracker automates your logistic management, gives you better control with total visibility.

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