Pallet Tracker AT13

Pallet Tracker AT13

Model No: AT13

The AT13 GPS Pallet Tracker provides global visibility of your asset through its advanced 3-mode positioning GPS Technology. From collection to delivery keep the track of your pallet. The real-time tracking feature helps business to have complete control and track on their goods. Inbuilt with some of the amazing features like vibration alarm, illegal removal alarm etc. the pallet tracker AT13 fulfills all the security and safety needs of your asset.

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  • GPS/LBS/AGPS multi mode positioning
  • Real-time location management
  • Ultra long standby for 3 years
  • APN self-adaption configuration
  • Vibration alarm
  • Illegal removal alarm
  • Automatic remote upgrade
  • Automatic fault recovery

Basic parameters

GPS SpecificationsGPS ChipsetMTK6160D
GSM Specifications
Frequency 850MHz/1900MHz; 900MHz/1800MHz
GPS Tracking Sensitivity < 10 meter; -163dBm
GPS Acquisition Sensitivity -148dBm
General Specifications
Dimensions 69mm*48mm*25mm
Weight 100g
Battery 2700mAh/3.6V*2pcs Li/SOCL2; Non-rechargeable battery

Our tracking solution allows you to track your pallet’s location in real-time through our web platform services or mobile app which is compatible with both iOS and Android Operating System. An ultra-long standby battery assures to safeguard your asset for long time.

Our GPS Pallet Tracking System is a boon for container ship and supply vessel operators. The AT13 Pallet Tracker further boost the system with its advanced safety and security features. Our Pallet Tracker ensures that shipping companies are able to track their goods from the start to the end of their journey, guaranteeing round the clock protection for any kind of merchandise. ThinkRace Technology is the leading GPS pallet tracking manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier across the globe. Our team of engineers has served more than top 500 companies with our GPS products and services. We provide complete ODM/OEM/JDM services so that our experts can customize the device and fulfill your business needs. Contact us to transform your ideas into reality.

GPS Tracking Software Platform


We have own GPS tracking platform amber360. We also customize your own brand tracking software.

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Android & iOS GPS tracking app. build your own GPS tracking app with brand & name.