Pet Tracker

Pet Tracker

Pet Tracker

Keep your furry buddy close to you!

Owning a dog is just like having an added family member, you cannot imagine what you will do without them. So, if the nastiest happens and one day they run away from their lead or escape through a hole in your yard fence, it’s certainly panic stations. How will you be able to locate them and bring them home?

In case a family member gets lost, you quick call on your cell phone. It’s a little trickier for wandering pups, however. The most excellent solution available right now for locating lost dogs is with pet tracking technology: particularly GPS trackers and pet locators.

There are a complete host of pet trackers on the market, which inexorably varies hugely in their quality and sophistication. Depending on your needs, you may desire a simplistic product or one that offers an array of mod-cons, like activity tracking and real-time monitoring via app and application.

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Pet Tracker PT590

Smart locator for your loving pets.



  • Real-time tracking
  • Location history
  • Geofence Notification
  • SOS button emergency
  • Voice monitor


  • Mini size and light weight
  • Sleek design
  • Bigger battery for long stand by time
Secure your pets and keep them safe with ThinkRace Pet Tracker. A simple and sophisticated device provides the round the clock tracking functionality, thanks to its exclusive features and functions that work best. Technologically designed with a promise to keep your pets safe! Just attach the pet tracker to your dog’s collar and monitors your dog location. The tracking device is equipped with GEO- Fencing which means it will send alerts whenever your pet leaves the safe area.   Never lose your dog again with pet tracker system. It is light-in-weight, comfortable to wear and is water-resistant. Many medical institutions are beholding for a device to keep a tab on their animals, our tracking solution is ideal for that. This tracking device is suitable for all kinds of animals including dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, and lot more. Through our tracking technological solutions, we are capable to provide the extreme level of satisfaction to our clients.