Tracking Products

OBD2 GPS Car Tracker VT200

OBD2 Car Tracker is the best GPS for car.

OBD GPS Tracker VT200B

OBD2 GPS Tracker For Vehicle Tracking

4G OBD WiFi GPS Tracker VT400

4G OBD2 WiFi GPS Tracker For Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracker For Car VT33

Best GPS Tracker For Car Tracking or Fleet Management.

Mini personal GPS tracker PT36

Portable Mini GPS Tracker for your safety

Pet Tracker PT590

Pet Tracker for four legged furry buddy.


Safety, security & health monitoring equipment’s with hardware & software services.

Value Added Service

Complete solution product, service & support to promote & help business partners.


ThinkRace leading manufacturer of GPS Technology based Safety, security & Fitness products.


Complete brand management by OEM/ODM services to our clients in our factory.

Mobile App & Web Application

ThinkRace own GPS Tracking Web Platform & Mobile App for iOS & Android for products.

Help & Support

Online 24X7 support & help from expert with quick turnaround solution.