Prototype Design

PCBA & Prototype


For any successful product launch, you need an excellent marketing team working symbiotically with the sales team. If you are neglecting marketing, then you are forgetting about the whole purpose of the launch. Along with marketing you also need to sell the product so as to earn revenue and build businesses. But these are not the beginning stages of any product launch, the inception of an ‘idea’ is the first stage towards any product development process. That’s where we come in.

We help you in realizing the growth potential of your ideas. We will construct a business development plan for your product and help you in transforming your idea in a commercial usable product through our experienced product development team. Every product launch comes with a fair share of susceptibilities, we help you go around these vulnerabilities and guide you through each stage of product development process.

We pool our years of experience, so that you can avoid some of the most common pitfalls of product development such as poor prototyping, not sticking to production deadlines and not setting realistic development goals.

Your true partner at each step of the process; we at ThinkRace strive to give life to your ideas.


Some of the steps we start with to help our client go through the prototype development stage

• Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement

We know how much your ideas mean to you. So for the best of your interests and ours, we recommend that you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with us.

Turning the scribble into a clear drawing

It’s all right to scribble your latest ground-breaking idea on a tissue or a rough piece of paper – product ideas can strike at any time! We will work together with you to give a proper picture to your ideas which will include every detail, dimension and feature of your product.

Creating a prototype development plan

Once the drawing is finalised, we will start developing the first working prototype. An exhaustive list of processes which includes PCBA development, case development and dimensioning will be prepared. These tasks are important to understand the production schedule and cost of the new prototype.

Prototype Manufacturing

We will start manufacturing the prototype following a set project plan. Details will be shared with you through an online management platform so that you are aware of each step during the manufacturing process. Expect active participation from our side throughout the prototyping process.