How to reduce risky driving behavior among teenagers with OBD 2 GPS Car Tracker?

Do you have a teen driver in your family? It marks a time of new independence and new worries for parents.


Being the parent of a teen driver can be stressful. There is a sound reason for concern. As motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death of teens ahead of all other types of injury, violence or disease. In fact, every day, six teens are killed in a car crash.


Youngsters sometimes drunk and drive just to impress their friends but it’s not cool. In a way they are endangered the lives of others and themselves. People will get killed and they will not come back.


Which major risk factors leads to irresponsible teen driving?


1- Lack of experience: Young drivers are less experienced when it comes to determining distance, estimating danger and making instant decisions while driving. While an experienced driver might handle certain situations with care or avoid them completely. On the other hand, a driver who is young may treat them as less of a threat to his or her safety. This will ultimately have risk for both vehicle and person.


2- Drinking and driving: Impaired driving after drinking is most common problem nowadays. Again concerning with this serious problem we want you to always remember that alcohol consumption while driving is a serious crime and can come with strict punishment. Let's look how alcohol impairs your driving.


  • Slow reaction time.
  • Lack of coordination.
  • Decrease vision.
  • Reduce concentration.
  • Inhibit judgment during certain circumstances.


3- Texting while driving: As teens find their phones difficult to ignore. Texting and driving is a major problem especially, among teenagers. When you are texting and driving, you are unable to fully focus on either task driving. Texting divides your attention. Each time you look down to answer a text message which interrupts your driving.


4- Speeding and street racing: About 27% of young driver deaths occur in speed related crashes. Street races often cause more accidents. These races rarely end without incidents. If you are travelling at fast speeds then it would be difficult to control your car.


What measures parents can take to reduce their children’s risky driving behavior?


Parents can take steps to prevent their teenager from getting into a car accident and can transform their teen’s risky behavior into something positive. Here are some strategies to reduce risky behavior:


  • Teach risk assessment: Explain the situations, behaviors and consequences by discussing real life examples. If someone lost his license because he drove drunk. You can discuss how he lost his license.


  • Stay connected with GPS tracking system: Keep communication open with your teen and stay involved in your teen’s activities. Use OBD vehicle tracking devices to get deep insights on your teen driving and activities. This GPS based device monitors all activities of your teen driving and gives advance warning of potential danger.


  • Make wearing a seat belt mandatory: Crashes can happen anytime, anywhere. Guide your teenager to wear seat belt every time they get into the car to ensure safety.


The above strategies will surely help you to encourage better driving practices in teenagers.

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