A revolution of traditional SIM Card to “SOFT SIMs” in IoT Sector

Technology often starts with new avenues for every industry and competing rivals. Take the example of fleet management. Managing fleet was a quite tough job before the fleet managers haven’t introduced their business with the latest technology called “OBD car tracker”.

The same is happening now, in the telecommunication industry when it comes to SIMs and the rising tide of their next generation. The latest technology introduced in the market is “SOFT SIM” There is a lot of talk in the market about SOFT SIMs. Other than telecommunication, there are industries who are working on it like GPS tracker manufacturers, tracking devices wholesaler and many more. And ThinkRace Technology is the one who falls into the same category and is working in this prominent function and applying it in all the products and services.

What are “SOFT SIMs”?

A soft SIMs is the technical feature integrated into the latest manufacturing devices, like cell phones, smart watches and or tracking devices and will act as a replacement to the current regular physical SIM Card.

Sectors who are considering it?

The purpose of SIM’S isn’t being changed by any of the technological evolution. SIMs will always be and have always been a way for people to have a secure method of accessing a phone company network.

Only what changes is the feature not function. This technology has been talked about for many years but it has taken until now to become a fully functional part of currently manufactured devices.

The sectors that are looking forward to work with the latest technological revolution “SOFT SIMs” are Big Telco’s, Small Telco’s, Phone makers, and businesses. SIMs are not only the fraction of cell phones, other than that it is used in tracking device, smart watches and on IoT devices. So it’s quite obvious that SOFT SIMs proves to be a beneficial tool for GPS Manufacturing companies too.

Who stands to win when they are implemented?

SOFT SIMs Technology is going to prove the biggest winners for consumers when it is rolled out in the future to all next-generation smart phones, smart watches and tracking devices.

Who might lose when SOFT SIMs arrive?

Telecom, whether it’s big or small will be the biggest losers from the large scale roll-out of soft SIM technologies. Removing all the power from Telco’s, and putting it back in the hands of consumers will no doubt have a large effect on the telecommunication companies’ earnings, which will not make them happy at all.

Benefits of SOFT SIMs

The use of traditional SIMs card will continue along with the soft SIMS, But as we all know, in compare of the traditional technology, newer advancements always comes up with better features, choice and functionality.
  • Soft SIM would store the Operator secret credentials in software within the Mobile device operating system.

  • It will allow users to connect to their network of choice.

  • The storage function of the SIM card is attached to the hardware device; the most beneficial add up for IoT devices manufacturers.

  In this technological world, every single person or business needs advancements. When we talk about business, newer advancements play a vital role as it always offers better features, choice and functionality. Likewise in the field of telecommunication, use of traditional SIMs is converted into newer technology “SOFT SIMs” for making things go easier.

If you are looking for the one who can provide you OEM solutions for building up your own brand? Then, no other than ThinkRace can serve you the best quality and commitment all over the entire world and offering a new advancement in the IoT devices called “SOFT SIMs”.

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