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Are you planning to deliver your goods to another place using the highways? Have you ever wondered what happens when you get some unpleasant surprises on your journey? The highway men are out there waiting to harm you and the danger is lurking in the dark night. Does that mean that you should stop your business and face money loss? The answer is a definite NO. ThinkRace technologies presents a cheap vehicle GPS tracker for the protection of your fleet to make sure that you get on with your business without worrying about getting trapped in risky situations.

Car GPS Tracker VT06 is a feasible product that can be used for a single car or an assortment of multifarious vehicles such as cars, taxis, buses etc. It is a vital product for travel agencies to manage the various automobiles that they provide to business professionals and common people. Widely used for commercial purposes such as taking goods to and fro, it is an essential equipment for business that include transportation through trucks.

Key features of Car GPS Tracker VT06

The device comes with built-in dual band and ceramic antennas for the services of GSM and GPS respectively. We have our own GPS tracking software platforms in the form of mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems where you can track the history of the various locations that have been visited during a journey. This enables you to analyze if the driver is cheating on you and using your vehicle for personal purposes. In addition, the device offers a multitude of features that enhances safe and alert driving. The automatic ACC testing adjusts the speed of a vehicle to maintain a proper distance from the vehicles that are in the lead.

Most often the vehicle gets heated up during a long journey and this may interfere with the working of most GPS trackers. But this does not apply to Car GPS Tracker VT06. It is highly resistant to immensely high and low temperatures and thus, a perfect companion for your trip. It has a 3D accelerometer that measures the vibration and movement of the automobile that helps you to keep a watch at your speed. Also, there are displacement and overspeed alarms to avoid rash driving and hitting the vehicle while going in the reverse direction.

The device is an affordable one that goes light on the pocket and fits into the budget of the common man. The device has anti-theft alarm to alert the driver in case the vehicle is endangered. Apart from tracing the location using Global Positioning Systems, the gadget provides relevant details about the components of the vehicle assisting you in lowering the maintenance cost and increasing the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Get your hands on the Car GPS Tracker VT06 and leave your fleet-related problems behind. Let us serve you and take care of your business while you prosper and come across success in all your business endeavours.

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