Smart GPS Watches are for those who want to go beyond Timekeeping

Wearable technology has taken rapid strides in the last ten years. 21st-century wearable technology enables even an average user to go beyond timekeeping. The bridge between digital watches and conventional hand & dial ones has extended by quite a bit. So much so, that today digital watches are termed as smartwatches.


In earlier days, the only extra functionality offered by digital watches over analog ones were just a handful, namely the alarm feature, stopwatch, timer, etc. Whereas smartwatches offer a whole plethora of features which often dives into the realms of fitness tracking. They are armed to the teeth with accelerometers, gyroscopes, mini electrodes, bio impedance sensors, optical sensors and wireless tracking technology.


Smartwatches equipped with wireless tracking technology are known as GPS Tracker Watches. These kind of devices are capable of performing tasks which are almost out of the scope for traditional hand & dial watches. They use sensor-based technologies to carry out complex tasks which earlier were confined only to hospitals and laboratories.



Smart GPS Watches are enabled with two-way communication feature, real-time GPS tracking, accurate and precise location-based services. All of this information is available on the compact display or screen and many of the high-end smartwatches work in synchronization with a Mobile Tracking App or Web-based Tracking Platform.


Our GPS Smartwatches are equipped with all the essential safety and security features. We provide a wide range of GPS Watches which are furnished with an advanced 3-mode positioning system and unique voice monitoring feature. Each of our product contains an SOS button for quick assistance in case of an emergency situation.


ThinkRace Technology provides complete GPS Tracking Solutions to industries and businesses in the form of GPS Tracking devices, Mobile Tracking Application and Web Tracking Platform. We are dedicated to craft the ideal GPS Monitoring Solution for each and every kind of need which includes asset tracking, personal tracking, fitness tracking and pallet tracking.


We offer an extensive range of GPS Tracking Devices, each perfectly tailored to the needs of Fleet Management and Transportation companies. We turn ground-breaking ideas into customer-centric products through our Software Development programs, Prototype Design Systems and Cloud Services.

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