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We all have been dealing with the small piece of plastic inside our mobile phone known as a subscriber identification module (SIM). SIM cards are a big part of an enormous mobile market and IoT devices, there’s a new type of technology creating a buzz in the market. You’ll be hearing more about SOFT SIMS as it becoming a matter talk about, but what’s the difference?

But it’s time to say goodbye to the traditional SIMs, as the latest “SOFT SIMs” are already started making a place in the cellular connectivity.

What is SOFT SIMs?

A soft SIM is simply a SIM card that is embedded in the mobile phone, rather than removable, and can be reprogrammed by the device rather than physically having to be swapped. The magic happens purely in software. How SOFT SIMs is replacing traditional one?

The purpose of SIM’S isn’t being changed by any of the technological evolution but the size and type can be. This you will get to know from traditional to soft SIMs.

Traditional SIM cards are the one, which we are use to, from how it works to the way it deliver services. It is basically used in our mobile phones, tracking devices and tablets. We get the networks by inserting it in the device and at the time we can also remove it. It can only be linked up with one profile and are generally useless if that profile stops being used.

The size and type of SIM you need to select depends on device’s purpose, functionality and space available to host a SIM card or chip. Traditional SIM cards come in a few different sizes, i.e standard, micro and Nano.

But in case of SOFT SIMs size and type doesn’t matter because they are coming up with embedded innovation or part of the processor. However, isn’t a removable card— there’s nothing to insert and nothing to remove. And if one would like to switch providers, remote provisioning is used without removing the SIM card. Instead of going to a store, acquiring a new SIM card, and swapping it out, with a SOFT SIM the changeover is handled entirely virtually.

Because SOFT SIM cannot be removed if you’d like to switch providers, remote provisioning is used instead. Instead of going to a store, acquiring a new SIM card, and swapping it out, with a SOFT SIM the changeover is handled entirely virtually.

Benefits of SOFT SIMs

  • Soft SIMs allows subscribers to switch operators instantly, without the hassle of SIM swapping.
  • Allow people to stay connected while roaming, without the hassle of changing SIM cards or fearing bill shock due to high roaming charges.
  • Soft SIMs can help slash roaming costs in this scenario by automatically switching mobile networks.
  • The storage function of the SIM card is attached to the hardware device; the most beneficial add up for IoT devices manufacturers.
  • Everything instantly and seamlessly connected: Soon, billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be connected worldwide – and just like when people travel from country to country – Soft SIMs will play a central role in how quickly and seamlessly all those things connect too.
  • It will allow users to connect to their network of choice.

The future of IoT Devices

It’s clear that the need for SOFT SIMs will grow, and its flexibility will no doubt attract large audiences. And is to be accepted, served and utilized by the most of telecommunication sectors and device manufactures’.

As SOFT SIMs innovation is bringing new avenues in the market and more people get turned onto the benefits, it’s hard to imagine that some industry are still be dealing with the plastic traditional SIM cards. But ThinkRace Technology, a leading GPS tracker manufacturer of IoT devices believes in new innovations and is currently working over SOFT SIMs for improving connectivity and making a world a better place to live in. And we are trying to soon offer you the newer technology called SOFT SIMs in the IoT Devices like wearable’s and tracking devices.

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