Three Ws: What are we? Where do we stand? Why should you be with us?

The first ever GPS (Global Positioning System) was launched by the U.S. Department of Defence in 1973 for use by the United States military and became fully operational in 1995. In fact, the first car GPS was also invented in the same year. And the first mobile GPS came in use in 1999.


You may ask that what the point in talking about these dates here is! Well, we only want you people to see that ThinkRace was founded in 2006 i.e. within a decade of the GPS becoming operational in a layman’s life. In the first three years only we launched a wide range of products that included GPS trackers, Fitness trackers, Pet trackers, GPS watches and various customer electronic products for security and communiqué purposes.


Our Clients and Customers


We don’t believe in working as a sole organization and this is why we have tie ups with several big international brands like Orange, STC, China Unicom, China Mobile, Huawei, G4S etc. We have our products and services sold in more than fifty countries. We in fact, have our sub-branches in India, Indonesia, Canada and Netherlands.


Products Offered by Us


We don’t just take care of the worldly things; we care for the people as well. Hence, it would be truthful to say that we want to safeguard every part of the people’s life. And that’s the reason our products include from luggage tracker to kid safety wearables, Elder care GPS watches and Pet GPS tracker and fitness monitoring equipments.




We aren’t an ordinary company that manufactures products and sells them in the market or offers services to the end users. We rather work on the principle of business expansion; not just ours but everybody who is associated with us. We help our clients in transforming their innovation in to a commercial product through our highly experienced and extremely proficient product development services team.


ÒDM/OEM Services


We bring along more than ten years of understanding and acquaintance in GPS trackers as well as iOT equipments; and it is this experience only that enables us to offer our clients full OEM/ODM services in our factory. Our clients give us ideas and we further convert those into different kinds of commercial products that have enormous excellence and at the same time keep competitive pricing.


Cloud Services


We just don’t aspire to stick to a standard GPS tracking business. Hence, we offer one stop shop service in this field that includes cloud services across the world. We already have cloud servers established with the help of Amazon AWS.
It’s just a short introduction of our knowledge, skill, ability, potential and experience. We carry much more than what’s talked about here. All we can conclude with for now is that once you are associated with us, you would only move further with no regrets and we’ll surely have life-long business associations.

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