Top safety tips to combat the challenges of living alone!

With a mounting number of older adults living independently, it’s more and more imperative to ensure that they are safe at home. Falls, burns, and poisonings are amid the most common accidents concerning older people. Apart from this, older adults who live alone may also become the victims of criminals/burglars who target older folks. If you are an older adult living on your own, or you do care for an older person living unaided, here’s what you need to do to keep them protected:

Keep emergency numbers handy- Always maintain a list of emergency numbers. Write the numbers in CAPITAL LETTERS so you can read it in an alarming moment. Include contacts like-

  • 911
  • Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222
  • Family member or friend
  • Healthcare provider’s bureau

Safety-proof your abode

  • Lit your hallways, stairs, and paths properly.
  • Make use of rails and banisters on the stairs.
  • Tape all area mats to the floor
  • Install magic eye, house-alarm, CCTV, door safety chains, and strong iron grills

Protect against fire and related dangers

  • Call 911 immediately in case of fire.
  • Don’t put too many electric cords into one socket.
  • Never smoke in bed or leave candles burning.

Shun bathroom danger

  • Have grab bars installed in the shower and near the toilet.
  • Put rubber mats in the bathtub.

Avert toxicant


  • Keep all medications in their usual containers.
  • Put large-print labels on your medications.
  • Carry your entire pill bottles with you to your healthcare provider’s appointments

Cleaning products

In no way blend bleach, ammonia, or other cleaning liquids together when you are cleaning.

Guard against violence

  • Keep your windows and doors locked at all times.
  • Never let a stranger into your home when you are there alone.
  • Keep only verified domestic help and never allow strangers to stay with domestic help.
  • Never talk about your wealth in front of your domestic help.

Prevent falls

  • Difficulty with walking or balance, have individual falls risk assessment.
  • Carry a cordless or cell phone or let an answering machine pick up.
  • Wear non-slip footwear, when walking on smooth floors.
  • Use a cane or a walker
  • If you have fallen before, look out for a particular alarm that you wear as a bracelet or necklace. Then, if you fall and can’t get to the phone, you can push a panic button on the alarm that will call emergency services.

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