Tracking your luggage was never so easy

Have you ever realized in the middle of a trip that you are missing something? Oh God, you just forgot your suitcase at the airport cafe or the crowded railway station? If such things happen to you frequently, then we have the perfect solution for all your luggage problems. Now, you can enjoy your vacations without worrying about losing your belongings with the help of our exclusively designed GPS luggage tracking device AT15. ThinkRace technologies launches efficient luggage trackers that come with a multitude of features that enable you to track your luggage without any trouble.

Major features of Luggage tracker AT15

Luggage tracker AT15 is basically a gadget that works upon the concept of geo fencing. With the help of this technology the suitcase or briefcase in which it is placed can be tracked using the Global Positioning Systems and the exact position of the luggage can be traced on the world map. Thus, you may rest assured that your luggage will not get displaced and lost forever. You can easily hunt it down and find your prized possessions at the touch of a button.

Losing your luggage is a tragedy that can ruin your entire vacation. If you are going for an official trip with confidential documents, then luggage tracker is a must for you. Your international trips would not be a pain in the neck anymore since the device comes with a free lifetime global SIM card. Its rechargeable battery and power backup makes sure that you never lose your valuables whether it be a dress gifted by your beloved or an extremely important status report by your boss. The tracker is directly connected with your phone and the SOS alert button instantly sends messages to your phone about the location of your luggage.

Another important feature of the luggage tracker is the real-time tracking which allows you to see the precise location of your bag pack at a specific time. The illegal removal alarm alerts you in case of theft. The built-in features of the device such as automatic remote upgrade and fault recovery makes it an excellent choice for the tourist agencies that regularly organize vacations for the common folk.

The most prominent attribute of the gadget is its sleek and plain design. You need not bother about the weight it will add to your luggage because its light weight structure and small size makes it quite handy and compatible with your travel suitcases.

So what are you waiting for? Go and place your order to make your journeys enjoyable and stress-free with ThinkRace Luggage Trackers. You can put the device in your suitcase, briefcase or bag pack while travelling in a bus or train, or while boarding a flight and leave all your worries behind because all your travel bags are safe and sound with our luggage tracking devices.

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