Vehicle GPS Tracker for Logistics Solution Provider

Major delivery service providers use Vehicle Car GPS Trackers with their trucks and mini-vans when transporting courier or shipments over longer distances. Even small-scale providers need to employ a vehicle tracking system when it comes to delivering goods in narrow alleys and cramped up colonies. Food delivery services and e-commerce companies find such kind of systems beneficial when making home deliveries.


GPS can come out as a big advantage for delivery services which specialize in home deliveries. Demand for home delivery is increasing as people prefer home delivery services for their own convenience. Timely delivery and customer satisfaction become an important factor for companies which offer home delivery to their customers.


Cheap Vehicle Tracking Devices can help delivery companies in the following ways:


  • Real-Time Delivery Notification


Real-Time Delivery alerts to customers give an edge to any service provider. The exact location of the delivery van can be readily shared with the customer through a mobile app which works in sync with the GPS Tracker installed in the delivery truck. Notification like ‘your shipment is out for delivery’ can be sent to the customer on a real-time basis.


  • Monitor drivers and employees


Monitoring of drivers and employees is an important task for logistic companies to ensure whether shipments will be delivered on time or not. Attendance of employees working at the warehouse can be recorded with GPS Trackers.


  • Track and reduce idle time


Prolonged idling leads to wastage of gas or fuel. Cheap Vehicle GPS Trackers provide driver data and record harsh driving patterns. Fleet managers can easily track driver behaviour and ensure whether the delivery truck or van is following the correct route or not


  • Reduce Carbon Footprint


A bigger carbon footprint means more damage to the environment and hence more taxes in the coming future. Switching to an all-hybrid fleet isn’t an easy task. Cheap Vehicle Tracking devices help to reduce carbon footprint to a great extent with efficient routing, engine health data, emission data etc.


  • Reduce Operational Costs


Inefficient routing and management lead to wastage of resources on fuel, drivers, and labors. There is an ample scope for cost-cutting which becomes visible once the fleet gets equipped with Vehicle tracking devices working in synchronization with a Fleet Management System.



The VT06 cheap vehicle GPS Tracker is perfect for managing any fleet of vehicles and ensuring on-time delivery.


We are a GPS device manufacturer focused on providing professional GPS tracking & wireless safety equipments to industries and businesses. We are based in Shenzhen, with branch offices in HK, India & Canada. We are providing comprehensive OEM/ODM services for GPS tracker and our in-house R&D team offers both hardware and software services. Our company has set up research departments including app, web, back-end and hardware department. All our products are developed independently and we have obtained a number of national patents. Our production and manufacturing teams provide a good foundation for high-quality products.

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