Vehicle GPS tracking devices for personal & commercial vehicle safety & security

If you love your vehicle then manage and track it 24×7 with coherent GPS tracking devices and benefit from the peace of mind that comes with our market leading stolen vehicle recovery products. A vehicle tracker is indeed a data capture tool.


Now the dominant fleet-related issues are easily interpreted and resolved by fleet managers with this captured data. Nevertheless, there is a common preconception that vehicle trackers are only for businesses with vast fleets or business tycoons.


For a transport related business, one of the major expenses incurred is running and maintaining vehicle fleets. Moreover, it was found that tracking vehicles can help eradicate unwanted costs. Here are some perquisites business can acquire from implementing vehicle tracking solutions:


  • Intensified safety and security for assets and employees.
  • Reduce fuel expenses.
  • Upgraded driver behavior by consistent monitoring.
  • Have real-time traffic data and elude traffic jams.
  • Superior routing and dispatching.
  • Web-based facility and accessibility.
  • Real-time vehicle tracking.
  • Enhanced employee morale.
  • Immediate response to customer query.
  • Correct reports, prompt alerts and notifications.


Fulfill your all types of auto-tracking needs with our following vehicle GPS tracking devices products.


1- Car GPS Tracker VT06

An ideal and cheap product to manage a fleet of any size (trucks, buses, taxis etc.). Track your units, get information about vehicle components and systems on the go to reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Provides real-time vehicle position along with history playback, GEO fence and anti-theft vibration alarm.


It has a built-in ceramic antenna having positioning accuracy upto 10 meter and tracking Sensitivity -163 dBm. However, provides speed accuracy of 0.1 m/s.


2- Vehicle Tracker VT07



Get your vehicle exact location with this latest 3-mode positioning GPS technology. It has high frequency impedance circuit board with 3D accelerometer. It also has electronic fence, automatic update service and over speed as well as displacement alarm.


Having GSM frequency of 850/900/1800/1900MHz with an integrated GSM/GPS chip of MT2503D.


3- Auto Tracker VT32

This tracker alerts you during breakdown of any of the vehicle’s components or in case of high coolant temperature, low engine power, over speeding, vibration.


It has low power consumption MCU having communication interface diversification (TTL / 485/232).


In essence, vehicle tracking solutions or vehicle trackers supports a fleet manager to direct risky driving behaviors such as irregular stop times, over speeding, late start times, improper vehicle utilization etc. and hence enhance the profitability of a fleet business.

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